Sunday 13 September 2009

What a nice day, sunny and +17C.
We had a car-trip south of Stavanger this afternoon, and have been visiting  a few galleries. 
At the last stop I saw a group having their photograph taken, and I used the opportunity to take a couple of photos myself. I found out afterwards that they were from the local Stavanger area, Russian Cultural Organisation "Troika", and the choir "Kalinka" had entertained at the place: Hå Gamle Prestegård (Hå Old Vicarage, Hå is the name of the area), where they also have an exhibition called "From Viking Raid To Oil Barrel."


Lowell said...

That is what I call a collection of colorful costumes!


Leif Hagen said...

Timing is everything! What beautiful costumes! Great group portrait!

Let us know about the election results, var sa snall!
Hilsen fra Hagen

VP said...

A Russian choir with practically only women? This is strange, but the costumes are gorgeous!
Leif is right: timing is everyting, very good catch!

Mo said...

What fabulous costumes. Would loved to have heard them sing as well

Unknown said...

Very nice portrait and awesome costumes!