Tuesday 22 September 2009

This is what used to be called THE market, where farmers and other people sold fruit, vegetables, flowers and some nice hand made products like jumpers and artistic jewelry etc.

People have been selling their products from a nearby place the last couple of years, where it is not so windy, but that is where all the buses are now passing.

Even in TODAYS newspaper, the market people, politicians and bureaurocrats are discussing with the public where the market should be.

Due to archaeology work, this nice place with the beautiful light colored and very expensive granite stone looked like a huge building site for a very very long time.

This photo was taken last Sunday.


Frank said...

Why would they want to move the market? This looks like an ideal place. Is it the bus traffic, noise and fumes?

Your image of the building's sign being is very cool. Love the colors.

B SQUARED said...

What a shame. I agree with Frank.

Lowell said...

Can't imagine moving away from this spot. It's just beautiful. I love the way the steps are created on the left.

The two girls really pull this photo together.

Excellent work!

eamon@ewmphotography said...

Yes, great spot for a market, although maybe a little exposed in winter?

Unseen Rajasthan said...

Beautiful Black and White Shot !! Unseen Rajasthan

VP said...

The place looks almost perfect to me, but I am not a politican. I like the different surfaces, the lines of steps and the passers-by giving life to the scene.

Unknown said...

I like the steps in the middle of the photo. Wonderful lines!