Monday 30 November 2015

Curtains in front of me.

Driving behind this car was spooky ....
Not a common car to see here in the area, on a Sunday afternoon... or any afternoon.

Sunday 29 November 2015


Waiting for someone special.
Taken in the arrivals area at Stavanger airport.

Saturday 28 November 2015

Christmas displays.

It has been a rainy day, with a glimpse of sunshine from time to time.

This is an image taken near Kirkegaten / Arnageren. Most windows are decorated for Christmas shopping now. 

Friday 27 November 2015

A modern Christmas tree.

A modern Christmas tree,
seen outside the shopping mall Kvadrat.

No snow - more rain.

Happy "Black Friday" and Happy Weekend!

Thursday 26 November 2015

Frost this morning.

Frost this morning.
I am still waiting for the snow...

Wednesday 25 November 2015

Time for Christmas decorations.

Christmas decorations are now up in most streets.

Tuesday 24 November 2015

Wine corks.

Wine corks seen outside a restaurant.
There are actually many interesting and useful things that can be made out of old corks....
Have you made anything using old corks?

Monday 23 November 2015

New in town.

I suddenly found myself sitting next to a talented young Greek woman, who spoke excellent English and had been studying in London.

She had a book filled with drawings and ideas, and had been living in Norway for a month with her Norwegian boyfriend.

I 'm sure she will continue to do very well with the fashion and design business she has started.

Find inspiring people and a workplace where you can use your many talents.

The best of luck, CHRYSA!!

Sunday 22 November 2015


seen at Sola Kulturhus today.

Saturday 21 November 2015

Party time.

Time for Christmas parties now.
Remember to leave the car at home.
COLD here and a bit of snow earlier today.

Have a nice weekend!

Friday 20 November 2015


Flats.... with a great view.

Thursday 19 November 2015

My thoughts.

My thoughts...

Wednesday 18 November 2015

Rainy day.

Rainy day.
A view over Breiavatnet, the little lake in the city park.

Tuesday 17 November 2015

Out walking.

Not that long before we will also
have snow I guess.

Monday 16 November 2015


Entrance to a popular pub.

Sunday 15 November 2015

A portrait as a mural.

A mural seen on one of the walls at Fargegaten / Øvre Holmegate.

Saturday 14 November 2015

Lace dresses this year.

The Duchess of Camebridge nailed this trend last month....and Norwegian women look like they copy the plum-hued lace dress.
They are shown in most fashion shops (like here in Breigaten).
Yesterday evening it looked like this is "THE" dress for X-mas parties in 2015.
I went to a hotel and seriously, I have never ever seen so many lace dresses in my life.

Perhaps the style and colour is common in many other countries?

Friday 13 November 2015

Sola Strand Hotel.

This is the fireplace at the reception area at Sola Strand Hotel, an old hotel, dating back to 1914. Renovated and decorated, and also today a popular place for weddings, business meetings, Sunday lunches as well as a place to meet friends for just a coffee or a drink. It is close to the airport and only 15 min. by car from the centre of Stavanger.
They have a popular spa area, and the best location with the beaches just on the doorstep.

We have strong wind, perhaps even storm this weekend (?)

Well, wherever you are: HAPPY WEEKEND!

Thursday 12 November 2015

Morning sky.

It is cold and we have plenty of rain, but from time to time there are wonders happening like this beautiful morning sky.

Wednesday 11 November 2015


Colourful and artistic window, also seen in Fargegaten. (Øvre Holmegate)

Tuesday 10 November 2015


Walking through the colourful little road FARGEGATEN, early in the morning.

Monday 9 November 2015

Good morning.

Good morning from Stavanger.

Sunday 8 November 2015


Looks different when there are few tourists around on these fjord trips.

Saturday 7 November 2015

New in Stavanger

They have just moved to Stavanger.
Daddy came first and settled down with his research work and studying.
The rest of the family have not been here for that long, but are all getting to grips with a new life, new culture and not at least our language. Children are often better than adults at picking up a new language. They will be here for some years, and I hope they will enjoy it and explore the region, also with friends and family visiting.

I have to say that I have a soft spot for dogs, especially Labrador Retrievers, and of course I chatted away with the dog in Norwegian. Seriously, I think she understood what I said.

Friday 6 November 2015

Romeo and Juliet.

Last night I went to the Concert House.
Bellini's ROMEO and JULIET, by great opera singers: Vivica Genaux, Valentina Farcas, Francesco Marsiglia, Umberto Chiummo and Ugo Guagliardo.
The Symphony Orchestra and Choir all contributed to making it a great concert!

Yes, I know we are not allowed to take pictures, but this is just a snap shot.... to show you a glimpse before the concert started.

Thursday 5 November 2015



Wednesday 4 November 2015

It is getting colder...

It is getting colder...
This is the view this afternoon from Sørmarka,
the wood area in Stavanger, towards the nearby county Sola.

Tuesday 3 November 2015

Fur or no fur......

I heard a young woman saying that she wanted to boycott a shop where they were selling clothes, because some of the clothes had fur.

So now I keep looking around, and I guess there are quite a few shops that might be boycotted by her.

Monday 2 November 2015

Street art.

Street art seen on a wall close to Cafe Sting.

Sunday 1 November 2015

Admiral on the deck.

It is unusual to be met by an "Admiral" on the doormat this time of year.
Ephemeral is this months theme. Take a look at other theme day pictures here: