Tuesday 24 November 2015

Wine corks.

Wine corks seen outside a restaurant.
There are actually many interesting and useful things that can be made out of old corks....
Have you made anything using old corks?


William Kendall said...

I have not. That is a whole lot!

Marleen said...

That were a lot of bottles!

Michelle said...

I have an enormous jar on top of my fridge where wine corks go. I never have used them for anything!

Cloudia said...

Many good times left these behind



Rick Forrestal said...

Ha, love it.
I actually have a ton of used wine corks, too.
Gonna make a bulletin board . . . some day.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Not personally Gunn, but I have seen artistic cork creations by others :)

Unknown said...

There's a great cork industry in this country. I've noticed subway new train's seats are made of cork and they look so cool.

VP said...

A funny collection!