Sunday 28 July 2013


Handmade glasses made here in Stavanger.
Yes, I did do a bit of shopping.
And one day I hope to show you some images of the artist at work.
I bought them at "Gladmat", the Food Festival.


Anonymous said...

Once I watched a glass blower working and it is really very beautifull

Revrunner said...

Wonderful! I just bought a set of glasses and wish I had purchased these instead.

SimTech said...

Very nice looking glasses..
I have seen glass blowers in action, but it amazes me how they manage to create such uniform shapes and with layers. Quite an art, and often well worth paying a little extra for something unique rather than mass produced.

Hilda said...

So pretty and colorful! I'd have a tough time choosing among them.

TheChieftess said...

Wonderful colors!!!

Merisi said...

Form follows function, and beauty, too!