Sunday 21 April 2013

A brilliant idea, turned out to be a great event today!
The Stavanger Council arranged

People from Stavanger and the nearby area could add their sale to a list on internet, and put out information about what they wanted to sell from their garages and gardens.

I visited a place where the owner was soon going to move from a house to a flat, so there were all sorts of things for sale.

Here you see Trine, the owners daughter, and some of the items that were for sale.
I guess most were gone not long after I went.


hamilton said...

Garage sales can be a source of wonderful finds!

Unknown said...

Did you buy sth for yourself?

Unknown said...

A great idea!

Kay said...

Sounds like everyone wins at an event like this. This is the season here, too, for garage sales.

Marleen said...

Clever to display the things that are for sale like she does..

Karl said...

We call Garage sales "Flohmarkt" or "Mercato delle pulci".
Nice scene, Gunn!