Tuesday 23 April 2013

RUSS 2013.

I got a hug from the young woman to the left today.
And the young man to the right held a speech in front of a statue at the old marketplace.
It was all filmed by the girl in the middle.

They have had 13 years at school, and they might continue being students for some more years.

Anyway, for those who are following my blog, please click on RUSS under the image, for more info.

They were all from the collage St. Olav, and from the same class.

I wish each one of you, lot`s of FUN when you celebrate with other RUSS.

Unfortunately, I was in a hurry, so if you see this on Facebook, please add your names if you want to.


Stefan Jansson said...

I'm sure they are having a fun time this Spring.

Jack said...

It is a cute portrait of some fine looking young people.

VP said...

I remember about the RUSS, very nice group!