Friday 19 April 2013

Today I went to the Norwegian Cookbook Museum together with a friend who is a very good cook.
We had a very interesting guided tour, not only to see the new and old cook books, old menus (written in French) from famous old hotels in Christiania (the name used for Oslo long time ago), but also to see the beginning of wine production.
They have already more than 6000 books, with more to come.

They also have a very professional kitchen, a restaurant as well as a auditorium for lectures etc.
The museum is part of the university here in Stavanger, and the university also provides hotel management courses for people who want to work in that branch.

Our guide was Mr. Helge Jørgensen, a gentleman and an Associate Professor, who has many years in the branch, and who for years have been a real enthusiast in getting the museum up to running!

Great to be there!

So which chef is your favorite, or what cookbook is your favorite??


Cloudia said...

What a civilized museum!

from Honolulu
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Rob Siemann said...

a cookbook museum??? That's genius! Love it! Only have about 70 or 80 myself.

Birdman said...

A cookbook museum???? And I thought I had seen it all when I ventured onto the Humidity channel. Sheeesh! GRIN.

SimTech said...

Mrs. Beatons cookbook (and household management),
Undoubtedly the best cook (and household management) book of all time..
First published in 1861 (according to Wiki),,,
Old (even older than me) but would not be without it!
Have a great weekend.

Kay said...

The Joy of Cooking was my first and has been my go-to cookbook ever since. I also like the Cooks Illustrated cookbook for reliable things to try. And The Flavor Bible gives me ideas for spices, combinations, and ideas when I'm trying something new. I don't know if any of these have made it outside the U.S. They're mostly basic and reliable.

hamilton said...

We've been clearing out the cookbooks, but kept the Indian Cookery books. My personal favourite is an Australian Vegetarian cookbook - luscious looking photos!