Sunday 24 April 2011

For many months now, this road has been a bumpy ride for cars, busses and bikes.
Snow and rain did not help! Several car accidents occurred and it has not been well lit.
Well, it has been a luxury to drive on the new surface, and really quiet now when the work stopped for the Easter Holiday.
It takes time, and it looks promising and will be much better to have one more lane when it is ready. Apparently the new center lane will be a bi-directional bus lane, running in different directions based on the time of day and the traffic load.


Oakland Daily Photo said...

You should try driving Oakland's streets. Some potholes are deep enough to swallow a Volkswagon.

Stefan Jansson said...

As long as they have a bike lane roads are OK with me.

Kaori said...

Looks like it's progressing well. Hope to see the street when it's done! ;D

VP said...

I hope the works won't last too much!