Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Remember the word RUSS (click underneath on the word next to labels).

These four young guys, all from "Randaberg vgs." are in the process of taking their exams after 13 years at school, but before that they are celebrating the event for weeks, some both during the day and night!
They will all attend at the National RUSS celebrating at "Kongeparken" next month, one BIG party!

Last summer I met some tourist who thought there was some kind of strange demonstration going on. But now, this is quite common, and even kids in the kindergartens collect "Russe kort", cards with names, photos etc. that most Russ give out!
Have FUN all 4 of you!:)


Luis Gomez said...


VP said...

It seems that here, at school, we missed most of the fun!

Lowell said...

Never heard of such goings-on. But I think if I were that age again, I would like - a lot! In the ancient past when I graduated from high school, there were after-graduation parties most of when went on all night. Some ended in tragedy but most went off OK.

Hope they have a good and safe celebration!