Tuesday 6 June 2017

NOLA has closed.

NOLA, with the stylish designer items and clothes have closed.
Sad to see that so many shops
have to give up!

Luckily there are some new things happening too.
More about that later...

(STAVANGER DAILY PHOTO is also on fb.)


Taken For Granted said...

There was a song called Nola sung by Billy Williams in the 1939s. The first verse goes, "Nola is like a dream come true
She's sweet and unaffected
Everything Nola seems to do
Is really unexpected"

William Kendall said...

Hopefully the space is soon occupied.

Michelle said...

Sad to see, but it happens here with our current economy.

Lowell said...

We have the same problem here. The Internet is wiping out many retail shops.

Bill said...

Sad to see a good business leave. We had a few empty places in town that just got filled, a fish and chips shop and a pizza place both of which there is already a presence here.