Thursday 1 June 2017

SUMMER is here.

It is the first day in June.
The sun is shining, and l hope we will have a nice long sunny summer!
This cute car reminds me of  summer days.
It was parked outside "Straensenteret".

I will be pleased if someone can translate the text in the window.


Cloudia said...

"Beautiful - I am Sorry'

William Kendall said...

Doesn't make a lot of sense with a literal translation- the pretty sorry?

Gunn said...

Yes, I agree. I got what Cloudia and you wrote, but Rob´s translation is slightly different and perhaps what the owner wanted. Take a look at STAVANGER DAILY PHOTO on Facebook.

Lowell said...

Feeling the elegance. I think.

Bill said...

The pretty one feels it. That's what I got for a translation. The car reminds me of a VW bug. Great colour too!

Arianna said...

And here, too :) Arianna