Saturday 3 June 2017

Pet XL and Igroom Spa.

Pet XL is the name of a new shop that opened their doors this week at Forus.
It was started by some enthusiasts who are aiming to open several more shops in other Norwegian cities.

The shop is huge, and I will definitely be back for some shopping.

What I thought was great was the fact that they had included a spa for dogs, and will have a vet there too.

The owner of the Igroom Spa had a cute customer that looked like it was just a pleasure to be there.


William Kendall said...

This one doesn't mind getting groomed!

Kate said...

My dog hates getting groomed and it is a stressful situation for her. I wish that I had the equipment in the photo so I could learn to do it myself. Do you have a dodge, too?

Suza said...

Wonderful pic. My Dog hate this.
Best regards

Bill said...

I'm glad this dog is enjoying being groomed. The dogs I used to have would have been traumatized.