Wednesday 21 December 2016


No it is not me, nor do we have a cat.

This is Wivek Linjordet,
our dog's vet who we (including our dog) are so pleased about.

Yesterday she opened her own veterinary - clinic GODE VENNER DYREKLINIKK at Klepp, south of Stavanger. This place is also close to Sandnes, Bryne and Sola.
We the customers, were invited for the official opening and had an interesting guided tour around the clinic.

I was impressed about the clinic and all the surgery she can actually do, even complicated dental work! She has taken further education in that field in Luxembourg.

Best of luck, Wivek!!


Bill said...

That's great that she is in a community that shows their support for her services. The animals would agree too.

William Kendall said...

She has a great smile!