Friday 23 September 2016

Sunshine and rain.

We have had sunshine and rain today.
I guess the season for cruise ships will soon be over.
Today I saw AIDA at the harbour.

Happy Weekend!


Bill said...

Nice image! It looks like they're saying goodbye to the summer as they head to the ship. The photo does have a cooler edge to it.
Have a great weekend! We have rain and a storm blowing in for the next few days. :)

Kay said...

This looks like the sort of weather we have had here - sunshine and rain.
Cruise ships going to Alaska pass by in waters near us. Their season has ended for this year.

Kate said...

That cruise ship would be too large for my choice of ships but it must be fun to be on it on a sunny bright day on the water. I had to laugh at you seeing Aida at the harbor. She really gets around and is someone of long standing!

William Kendall said...

That really is a big ship.

Jack said...

Yes, I think the ship I was on has already moved over to North America. AIDA was often in the ports with us.

Karl said...

Nice image, Gunn !