Monday, 26 September 2016

Is it over for Le Cafè Français?

No French flag outside, no tables and chairs.
It used to be a popular place, where the owner from Algeria imported French Bakery items, and served coffee and light snacks.

Some will say, sad that it has closed, others will say it was about time!

Well, the newspapers have been writing about a place that is not run according to Norwegian rules.
People who where not allowed to stay in Norway, who did not even have work permission worked there illegally.


Kate said...

Another immigration fatality?

Bill said...

That happened when I lived in Maine in the US. They closed two popular Mexican restaurants because illegal immigrants were working there without the necessary paperwork. The workers were deported, the owners paid a fine and once they got new "legal" workers, opened the restaurant once again.

Nice image, it compliments the story! I love the cobble stone street.

Jack said...

These issues seem to be issues everywhere, but it is sad to see a business close that was providing work for employees and a valued service for the public.

Taken For Granted said...

I agree with Jack. For the lack of paperwork a business adding variety and economic vitality to the community is lost. Too bad we can't just celebrate our different origins and cultures rather than fear and reject them.

William Kendall said...

A bit sad to see.

Arianna said...

I agree with Norway. If you want to work in a country, you must respect rules. Arianna