Friday 20 June 2014

Swedish Midsummer buffet.

Year six of blogging started today.

I had lunch with my husband at IKEA today.
Actually, it was a buffet with all kinds of Swedish food.
I especially liked the sild (herring) and the salmon, and then of course, the strawberries for dessert.
Wonderful, and then, off to work this afternoon and evening.

Olle, is the Swedish chef who together with his team had prepared the wonderful meal.


Lowell said...

Growing up I can't tell you how many smorgasbords I went to...loved them, even though the food was laden with calories! :) What I didn't like was when my Swedish family/relatives cooked lutefisk at Xmas. Aargh!

Michelle said...

It sounds so very good. Growing up in North Dakota, I remember lutefisk. I share Lowell's dislike!

William Kendall said...

Good portrait shot, Gunn!

Marty said...

when I go to Ikea I always enjoy their good buffet ! wish you still long years in this blogger world
happy summer

PerthDailyPhoto said...

A tasty way to begin your 6th year of blogging Gunn.. huge congratulations on five years, it's not as easy as it looks and yet you make it look so, brilliant!

Stefan Jansson said...

I have never tried lutfisk. Or surströmming. But I do eat a lot of salmon, and sill och nubbe of course.