Thursday, 18 October 2012

One creative way to announce a positive message from the council to the homeowners.
Take a look at  this link


SimTech said...

I looked at the "google translation", despite the fact that the painting on the roads look like pipes.
I was amused by the article about "plug wires", and really got a laugh when I got the bit about "prickly wires"... Amusing translation from Google... would recommend it to anyone who needs cheering up today.

Reading through, I see i was right, this is water and sewerage.

Anyway, hava nice day, and stay away from the "stinging leads", they sound quite dangerous!

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Brilliant idea Gunn and yes amusing translation. Have a great weekend.

VP said...

Please translate it for us!

Gunn said...

This is the text on the road, translated to English:

"Hallo Stavanger. From July 1. we take over the responsibility for water and sewerage in all the streets.
Greetings (from) the council."

The link, under the image, is translated via google:)