Saturday 27 November 2010

What can I TELL you about a photo like this?
Well, the TELL logo is nice and the company delivered such professional help Thursday afternoon when my "Mac" suddenly died with a black screen!
Friday afternoon I got the message that it was ready to be picked up again, so this morning my Mac (nicknamed "Big Mac") came back home, and to me that is something to TELL!:)
So I think TELL will be Number One for service in Stavanger!
Thanks TELL (who does not know that I will "TELLIT" to you).


Birdman said...

Y, computer issues can ruin your whole day, week, month... and beyond. Good show TELL.

EG CameraGirl said...

Oh dear! I would be so upset if my Mac went black on me! I'm so glad your Mac is now healthy!

Luis Gomez said...


VP said...

A nice logo for a helpful service!

Unknown said...

That's a really cool logo!