Saturday, 7 April 2018

Seafood for lunch.

Friends out for lunch at the fish market restaurant.
My food was tasty (could have had more prawns on the sandwich though).
Anyway, lots of yummy taste, and nicely presented.
Unfortunately, the place was noisy with people in and out, carrying ordered boxes with sea food, noisy music and air-conditioning, plus noise from the kitchen and the shop.
The restaurants phone rang again and again and again. Please answer it!
New staff, who struggled with the menu as well as the language.
On top of that, only one of us managed to pay. We were sitting an awful long time waiting to pay, so at the end walked up to the bar area to pay.
The coffee was good and if you are seated with a view out to the boats and harbour area it can be pleasant.


William Kendall said...

A noisy meal isn't a pleasant one.

RedPat said...

That sandwich looks fabulous!

Arianna said...

Have a good lunch!