Saturday 14 November 2015

Lace dresses this year.

The Duchess of Camebridge nailed this trend last month....and Norwegian women look like they copy the plum-hued lace dress.
They are shown in most fashion shops (like here in Breigaten).
Yesterday evening it looked like this is "THE" dress for X-mas parties in 2015.
I went to a hotel and seriously, I have never ever seen so many lace dresses in my life.

Perhaps the style and colour is common in many other countries?


LuiZ FernandoS said...

I've noticed some lace blouses recently; more than the usual.

Jane Hards Photography said...

It's quite a spooky image, would be so ghostly in black and white

William Kendall said...

Plum's a good colour.

FilipBlog said...

Always sofisticated. Would buy one for my wife.


Diane said...

I have not noticed it here but then we live in the country which takes a long time to catch up with fashion if it ever does! Diane

Luis Gomez said...

Looks pretty!