Saturday, 11 April 2015

Stavanger,- the oil capital.

I have just watched the news, and I saw an image similar to this....
Perhaps the camera people where there at the same time as I passed and also looked at the big supply boats along the harbour?

The news was about the effect that the oil industry has had on Stavanger (the oil capital) and Norway in general. I guess some people were right, we would probably managed with less money, less clothes, fewer holidays and perhaps only one car and not thrown away so much food etc.

Our country changed 50 years ago........when we found the oil.

These days safe jobs in the oil industry are not so safe anymore.


William Kendall said...

Here with oil having had dropped so much, and our PM pretty much staking everything on the tar sands of Alberta, the country's taken a hit.

Jack said...

The contrast between the modern oil facilities and the traditional building on the right is pretty telling.