Sunday 23 September 2012

Our 3rd. day, not warm, but bright and sunny!
I just LOVE it!

Lot's of people have used the weekend outside.
This is from a place that those of you who have followed my blog might remember, click on the word AFTER labels,
and you will see many more photos.

It is south of Stavanger, on the coast with a view out to the North Sea.


Lois Evensen said...

Clear and cool - the same weather here. Just wonderful!

Diane said...

Our weekend was extremely windy, thankfully though the rain held off until last night. Windy and grey today! Diane

VP said...

I remember tha place, but can't even try to pronounce it!

Leeds daily photo said...

Very bright and my kind of day.

Unknown said...

Beautiful composition! The weather is lousy here: 17ºC and raining.