Thursday 20 January 2011

This is just a quick snapshot....but it shows that we have demonstrations here in Stavanger too.
This was a protest against returning a man back to Turkey. He claims he is in danger in his homeland and had been living here for years.
Norway is a welfare state, and of course we should help when UN send refuges, but there are also far too many who have been living here illegally for years!
The media are following the cases where friends/supporters invite TV/newspapers and famous artists, but other cases get little coverage.
Tonights artist was the man in yellow trousers, on the very left with the guitar, Ole Paus, who had come over from Oslo.
I feel sorry for many refuges, but then again, we rarely understand all of the truth and the circumstances behind these stories. I do believe though, that in many cases, those who need help the most, are often those who are in the weakest position to actually get that help.


Anonymous said...

An interesting mean to measure time / life; seems indeed to be a challenge for Europe for the next years. Over here, have to admit, that people don't get much interested of and for refugees anymore. Since November there are two hand full 'camping' in the heart of the city, yet no-one seems to be interested at all.
Life surely did change, since I was young, as I can't remember at all such scenery. Please have a good Friday you all.

daily athens

VP said...

Refugees used to seek asylum in neighboring countries once, now it's easier to pick as destination of choice a wealthy Western country with a sympathetic audience.

Birdman said...

Sorry comment on the times we live in.

Leif Hagen said...

That seems to be a bigger and more frequent issue in many countries these days!
God helg og hilsen fra Hagen ganget