Thursday 4 March 2010

Stavanger is international, -
and that includes not only nationalities but also different religious groups.
We have 7 mosques, according to the local newspaper RA.
I have never been inside any of them, but perhaps I will one day? I promise to take my camera with me. Anyway, sooner or later I might see some more. This is the Pakistani community center and the Main Mosque, as it says on the wall.


gogouci said...

You will definitely have to photograph the interior. No mosques in Salem so I'll have to experience the inside through your perspective.

VP said...

Not your typical mosque, in a weather adjusted setting.

Marie said...

7 is a lot, as many as the days of the week :-)))

Carla shoes made me think of Carla Bruni, the French president's wife. Thank you for commenting on my blog.

Unknown said...

Very unusual fa├žade but I like it.