Friday 4 December 2009

Congratulations to the owner of "Den Lille Engleverden",( The Little world of Angels) a new shop that opened with unique handmade angels made of materials that might have previously been a tablecloth or clothes etc. that were no longer in use.
Here the customer can bring nice memories from materials that can be turned in to a very special angel..... The shop is unique, very delicate and creative, even the roof is made to look like a blue sky..
It is situated in a small but tall building at Østervåg number 45.
I met the owner late last night, when I was out taking a few nightshots. She obviously had had a very busy time before today's opening.

(Some people decorate their homes with "angles", and some seriously believe in angels, like the daughter of the King and Queen in Norway. See the link :
Some call it a new trend/New Age)


VP said...

Creativity and recycling with angels like final product! I like the idea behind all this, believing or not in angels seems fairly less important to me... A very nice post!

Stefan Jansson said...

A good way of recycling it is.