Saturday, 1 August 2009

Early morning in the centre of Stavanger.

On the left is the pub “The Irishman”, In the middle is the Greek restaurant “Akropolis,”

and on the right you can see the corner of the Spanish Tapas bar “Emilios”.

We have many small narrow roads, and most of them are closed for cars.

March 2011.

Sorry, the SERVICE and food is no longer what it used to be! So I think I will spend time and money in other restaurants!


Unknown said...

I'm here!!!
Very intersting photos and I love photos.

VP said...

I am a bit offended that there isn't a 'Vesuvio Pizzeria' close by!

John said...

And the Norwegian restaurant? Nice photo though.

Anonymous said...

I saw you on Ken Mac's blog and Stavanger caught my eye. You live in a lovely area of Norway. Some great photos here.

Judy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog which is how I found yours. I think I'm going to enjoy visiting here.

Gunn said...

Italian places will be shown later, and I promise to also show you some Norwegian food and restaurants soon.

Z said...

Some of the areas I feel I recognize because I follow Tanty's blog on and off. It feels like visiting a friend, sort of a curious thing in a way as it's all virtual.

The building style makes me think of the New England area in the US. Is the siding on the buildings wood?