Thursday 28 December 2017


Today we have had a nice sunny day!
Cold, with only +2C.

Many people have left town, either to escape the rain and cold and therefore gone to Spain and other warm places. Those who don't feel any pain and cope ok with the snow, rain, cold and the dark days have perhaps gone to cottages up in the mountains.

Still some people left... but it is quiet, quiet at workplaces like here at Forus, an area where thousands of people work in different national and international offices.

It is also quiet on most roads and places away from the bigger shopping centres.

It is the time for EXTREME SALES and to change Christmas presents that did not turn out to be what was wanted.

I hope you too have some nice relaxed days.


William Kendall said...

All that glass is a welcome sight!

It's thoroughly cold here at present.

Bill said...

Nice and blue. Got to love that colour after all the grey and dullness. We had a sunny day here today but it was icy on the roads and not very safe to walk.
Less traffic means less noise here and it is relaxing to here nothing.

Enjoy the upcoming weekend, Gunn.