Thursday 18 May 2017

"Sinnataggen" is in town.

The Spitfire or Sinnataggen as we call the famous statue by Vigeland, in Frognerparken / Oslo, has now turned up as art on a wall near the harbour here in Stavanger.
(More images I found when I googled LASTAA.)


William Kendall said...

A bit unsettling, I think.

Bill said...

We saw that statue when we were in Oslo and got a postcard of it too. I remember thinking what an angry looking baby, I wouldn't want to hear him screaming.:)
I like the image on the wood of the building, it looks nice.

Michelle said...

Well, it does look interesting!

Bill said...

For years and years in Berkeley, California, there was an large, old sign advertising something that was supposed to be good for babies with what was supposed to be a happy baby. The problem was that the artist missed the mark and the baby looked positively malevolent. I was reminded of it by your picture..... Scary baby!