Saturday, 20 August 2016


" Skyggesiden " is written on these banners. (Skygge means shade in English.)
It is part of the little road Øvre Holmegate, but absolutely not as colourful as the rest of Fargegaten.
There are some restaurants and businesses going on here, but the traffic is making it difficult to make it in to a lively place. This summer it has been closed for cars, and restaurant tables have been moved out on to the pavements...... I don't know if it will become permanent, I guess that will be a political dissuasion.


Suza said...

very beautiful. I like your blog and now I follow

Suza said...

very beautiful. I love the old white houses from the Art Deco ära.
Best regards

bill said...

It would be grea for businesses to have the road closed to traffic during the summer when people enjoy eating out. Traffic just complicates everything.

Kate said...

No traffic has a high appeal for me.

William Kendall said...

Pedestrian only areas can pose challenges, but can be worthwhile.