Sunday, 27 March 2016

VÅLANDSTÅRNET is open on Sundays.

It has taken years and more than 7 million Norwegian kroner to redecorate and restore VÅLANDSTÅRNET to a beautiful updated standard again.
Well done to the people who put the effort and time into the project!

Every Sunday there is a small cafe that is open, and you can actually see Stavanger in 360 degrees from the top of the hill, as well as half of the surrounding county . What a view!

It has a long and interesting story, but to make it short I can just mention that it used to be the location for the city`s first pressurised water reserve, the fireguard/firewatch has been located there, as well as a restaurant in it's previous history. It was built in 1895, the way it looks now, and it is situated 84 meters above sea level.

During the occupation in 1940 the building was taken over by German soldiers, who used it as an observation tower.

It is within walking distance of the city centre and there are several nice places for walks nearby.
The tower is rented out to clubs and businesses, but so far, not for private parties.

My friend said; "imagine the number of tourists who would have rented a room here, if they had included a few rooms or a tiny flat in the tower..."


Stefan Jansson said...

Great building, well worth the cost of restoring it.

everydaybergen said...

Nice building and nice short story. Thank You

Lois Evensen said...

Beautiful. Happy Easter!

Mark said...

Oh, certainly! I'm surprised it isn't very popular.

Michelle said...

What a beautiful structure. Glad to hear it was restored.

William Kendall said...

An impressive looking building!

Rose said...

This is beautiful!