Saturday, 26 September 2015


Mathallen. The new food hall in Stavanger has been open for a few weeks and this week I had a look inside around lunch time. It looked very tidy, very quiet, also interesting, and had some nice locally produced products..... So I did some shopping.

I hope they will manage to run the place and develop the concept.

Where is the best food hall that YOU have been to??


William Kendall said...

I'm reminded a bit of the open concept of our downtown market building and the many food shops in there.

Williamsburg Daily said...

Actually, I've visited several grocery stores near me recently so as to compare them. Never thought to photograph them.

Mo said...

So many great food markets here. Still I love to discover new ones and this one I'd love to visit

FilipBlog said...

I like such market, always interesting.


Jack said...

It is an appealing looking place, but it definitely needs some shoppers!!