Tuesday 3 June 2014


I like it when there is a lively atmosphere in town, when there are events going on and when the tourists arrive with their warm summer clothes and carrying their cameras.
I have enjoyed having a chat with some of them, and I have been happy to practice my limited language skills, and so happy when they have understood my not very well spoken German or a few phrases in Dutch or French.

It is sign of SUMMER when the big ships arrive.

Here some tourists found our famous singing cyclist, and were busy filming and interviewing him.


Revrunner said...

Hey, wait a minute? I sing and bike . . . I'm just saying . . . :-)

William Kendall said...

A singing cyclist is something different! Good capture.

Lowell said...

Great shot! Reminds me of Key West, Florida. At the port there are people who sing, play guitar, juggle, etc. And huge crowds gather to watch the sunset.