Wednesday, 26 June 2013

This is the airport late in the evening.

The schools finished last week, so now the teachers as well as the pupils have 8 weeks of holiday!
Some families had started their holidays before school finished.
Charter flights are more expensive now, so I guess there is money to be saved by starting early.

SYDEN, as written on the sign is a name for most sunny holiday places further south in Europe!

Some creative people have created good solutions and smart ideas to give the airport a holiday look.

On a rainy day with +10C and rain outside, it must feel good to see "Palm trees"
at the check in area and knowing in a few hours time there will be many more.


LOLfromPasa said...

Not a usual sight, I imagine. Looks like everyone has left town :).

Stefan Jansson said...

25C and a blue sky in Haninge today.


I love those sweet palm trees too. We've gotten both cold, wet weather and unbearably hot sun in the past week. I hope it improves there!

Linda said...

Nice photo! Colors and light are very pleasing.

Rob Siemann said...

Does Syden mean south? Sorry, no palm trees on my photo, out of the frame.

Rob Siemann said...

Anyway, 26-28 degrees here, sunshine, a few clouds

Pierre BOYER said...

I need sun too !
Grey and cold weather in Paris this morning...
Best regards,


Gunn said...

Yes Rob, Syden means south..... And when you meet Norwegians in Barcelona, they have probably been longing for SUNSHINE.