Sunday, 10 June 2012

Do you see the lady with the hat?
She asked me if I knew were she could buy a Pin with a Norwegian symbol. I work part time at the airport, and just a few minutes later 3 other Ladies came and asked the same question.
Unfortunately I could not help, but I thought about the blog, and why not take a picture of these 4 friends together. Well, that was ok with them, but what I did not realize was that they were in a group of 17 people (from all over the USA.) So there I was with my little camera and a group in front of me.... I wish I could had time to hear from more of your trip. But I know that you were on your way to Stockholm, via Oslo, and will continue to Finland before heading back to the States.
The woman (in red) next to the lady with the hat, had even been a student at "Fana Folkehøgskole", a bording school outside Bergen, and they had been visiting a similar school out at Jæren, including a visit to the author Arne Garborgs summerhouse. You will definitely have a lot of memories with you, including from Denmark, where you were before coming to Norway.
Have a nice time!!
(PS. Yes I found out about "Road Scholar"
And I did post your postcards:)
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B i r g i t t a said...

:) Så gulligt! Var det den norska flaggan de ville ha?

Gunn said...

Ja, jeg tror det. Damen med hatten hadde mange flotte pins (på hatten), og jeg så pins med flagg fra både Danmark og Italia. Jeg håper hun fant en i Oslo, før gruppen reiste videre til Stockholm.

Godnatt Birgitta!
Håper du "mår bra" der du er.

Nyt sommeren!

Lowell said...

This is wonderful, Gunn! Looks like a merry group of travelers. Nice photo also. I hope they have your blog address so they can see themselves!

Re your comment on Ocala: I was getting checked for some eyelid surgery - droopy eyelids at my old age. This is a huge operation with many doctors and assistants. But they are very good and again, at my age, there's government insurance to help so the costs are not too bad.

But yes, we do not have a comprehensive health care program. The insurance companies make too much money and have too much power and they scare people with talk of "Socialism." Some 45 million people in the U.S. have no health insurance at all. Health care is exorbitant if you have no insurance. It's a sad situation and not necessary!

Lois Evensen said...

How very sweet of you! I am sure they are having a wonderful time and meeting you was surely a highlight of the day. :)

VP said...

A funny story and a very nice group of people!

PerthDailyPhoto said...

You managed to get all of the group in the picture perfectly Gunn. They look like a fun group, they sure were lucky when they bumped into you.