Wednesday 13 October 2010

One of many lampposts in the centre of Stavanger.
I think it is nice that they have chosen lampposts with some character and style, rather than the simpler modern types that you see in many places.


Dianne said...

I agree that is a lovely lamp-post it adds class! the reflections are lovely.

Lowell said...

Very nice. I think, as you do, that if you're going to put up a lamp post it ought to have some character!

I enjoy photographing lamp posts, too. (But some people say I still haven't seen the "light.") ;-)

Jack said...

I agree with you. I like traditionally shaped lamp-posts, but I also think they need to be energy-efficient. Fortunately, efficiency and traditional design can and do coexist.

Irredento Urbanita said...

Behind those shiny windows are hidden hundreds of stories.



[Barcelona Daily Photo]

VP said...

A fine choice as lamppost and an even better choice as composition.