Sunday, 21 June 2009

There are more cruise-ships coming to Stavanger this year than ever before.
Today I walked around the harbour with my camera together with quite an international group of tourists. One Canadian guy was eager to find and take some photos of the Cathedral, and he was in a real hurry because he had to be back at the ship in 20 minutes to join a 3 hours guided tour by bus. Anyway, it is a lovely day, and the temperature was also good, so I hope they all had a nice time in and around Stavanger.
The picture is of the "Tahitian Princess" and is taken from the "Valberg tower."

Info from the port :


Rajesh said...

Very nice. The ship looks very close to the houses.

Gunn said...

Yes, it is close and can be quite "crowded". It is amazing how they can manouver these big ships. One day I hope to be one of the passengers... Time will show. .