Friday, 15 April 2016

The Heliport.

This is the place where there are people going to or from work at the offshore oil rigs.
A busy place, and sometimes people are stuck here for hours because of bad weather and no helicopters are up in the air.
Some families have their beloved ones out for weeks at a time, but then again they are back for weeks  too, so I guess it is a very special work situation, but most people get used to it.


Kate said...

I guess one can become used to anything with effort yet I think I would like a more "routine" job in terms of a more regular hours. The free weeks are pretty appealing tho!

Luis Gomez said...

Very interesting!

William Kendall said...

The closest helicopter station to my home is at a hospital, so I'm quite used to seeing the choppers lifting off or coming in.

Revrunner said...

Glad I don't have to commute like this.