Saturday, 16 April 2016


In 2004 the Norwegian word DUGNAD became our national word.
I don't know if it is typical Norwegian, but it means that people come together to tidy up and fix things in their neighbourhood, sports club, etc.
Now is the time of year when this happens many places.

"Many hands make light work" is kind of the English word for it.
In many cases it is voluntary, some places it is "required", but you can pay your way out, if you can't make it.

Some even have a barbecue or a party after the work is done.
No rain today, so it was perfect for DUGNAD.


William Kendall said...

A lot of neighbourhoods here organize spring clean ups as well.

Revrunner said...

Yep, lots of that going one here, too.

Nathalie H.D. said...

I love the idea of DUGNAD, it's true that work is easier and faster when it's shared - please there's a real feel-good effect when you do work together for the community. Great initiative!
We have a "clean up the road side" day every year but it's mostly the school kids who do it.