Thursday, 21 April 2016

The English queen is 90 years old today.

Queen Elizabeth 2. is celebrating her 90th. birthday in London today.
I just heard on the radio that she is the Queen of 16 countries .

A little bit private this, but down in our little wine cellar we have a notice board where I have put up some postcards. So, today I thought it was the day to show you two pictures of Queen Elizabeth, looking after our bottles.

Anyway, she is still working at the age of 90, and I find that quite amazing!

I will tell you two Norwegian secrets.

1) Take a look at this :

2) Our Queen Sonja, actually worked in "The Eagle" pub in Cambridge, as a young student.

Perhaps we should add her to the wall of famous wine keepers too?

I might take a little drink and say "Cheers" to the Queen a bit later.


donnie said...

cheers :)

William Kendall said...

Thanks for the Norwegian secrets... the second more than the first!

Queen Elizabeth remains the Queen of Canada as well... an arrangement that I rather like.

Revrunner said...

Yep, ordered some special tea yesterday in her honor. :-)

Jack said...

Let's drink to the Queen.

Fun60 said...

She is a remarkable woman and has gained the respect of so many people around the world.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

I must admit I'm rather fond of Her Majesty myself.. Happy birthday with more to come! Thank goodness we're past the newspaper in the loo era Gunn :)