Monday, 16 October 2017


Yesterday I visited Skur2, where Sunderø Gallery have an art exhibition with four artist showing contemporary artwork / pencil drawings.

This "Newborn Gray Whale" by the artist Solveig Bergene was already bought by a private collector.
(Probably a person with lots of space at home.)

The work measures 220 x 450 cm.

If you have a chance to go there, take a good look at the whale's EYE.


bill burke said...

A very impressive piece of art, I like it.

It is pretty windy here right now with a little rain. South of us, 360,000 people have lost power and they say it could reach up to 500,000. Hopefully it will die down when it passes over us.

William Kendall said...

You'd need a huge wall in your house for that one!

Jack said...

It is nice, of course, but it is huge and three panels. A collector with unusual art taste.

RedPat said...

I like it!