Saturday, 14 October 2017

IVAR SKEI music shop

The unique and the BEST music shop I know about in all of Norway are closing their doors today!
After more than 100 years in business in Sandnes.

Nobody I know can match their knowledge in music, whatever field! Always service minded too.
Liv Reidun has been working there for 40 years and has created a cultural institution for a huge number of people, and she has also sold music at many festivals and concerts over the years.

Now times have changed, and many people buy music via the internet.

I feel sad when quality shops disappear, and in particular this one!

Today there was live music & a concert in the shop .... lots of grateful people, lots of flowers and lots of hugs!

Thank you Liv Reidun Gramstad! (Seen as number 3 from the left in todays photo.)


William Kendall said...

It is sad when places like this do have to close down.

Lois Evensen said...

Yes, it is so sad to see such places close. Perhaps there can be a live music revival as there has been in hand crafted items that more and more people appreciate and buy now. Even just twenty years ago it was all so different, wasn't it!

Jack said...

This is so sad, but unfortunately is a sign of the times. Bookstores, music stores, clothing . . . all obtained online these days, without any contact with a friendly and knowledgeable human.

bill burke said...

Yes, it is sad. I can remember going in to music stores to buy my music and talking to people about the latest releases. Sorry to hear another shop has closed.