Friday, 31 March 2017

Breitling WON today!

What time is it?

Breitling WON today!

Kirkegaten / Church Rd. this morning.

Well, forget about the time, and enjoy the weekend!


Lowell said...

I'm not sure what your talking about...these are both watch brands, right. They both advertise in the golf magazines, as if the average golfer could afford either one! (:

William Kendall said...

I take it Rolex's clock is out of whack?

Bill said...

OBVIOUSLY one of them is wrong. It appears that Rolex is the one that someone forgot to wind/charge/plug in/set properly. We have a golfer in the US that could afford both many times over-- unfortunately.

Jack said...

Hah! I probably don't even look at the time on the big clocks.

orvokki said...

hah... you can choose the best time.