Monday, 27 March 2017

A German made beauty at the harbour.

This huge private yacht, also seen in yesterdays image, has been built in Germany.
The owner lives in the Middle East.
Luxury and beautiful design!
(Including swimming pool, beauty saloon and spa, space for a helicopter pad etc.)

Why it was in Stavanger is unknown, but the newspapers are referring to EU regulations, and saying that if it goes to a harbour outside EU, get the papers stamped, the owner can than get the VAT back.
In this case it would be around 190 million

Safe journey "AMADEA"!


Lowell said...

These things are so huge. I remember once back in the 70s asking about a yacht when we lived in Fort Lauderdale. At that time it took $40,000 to fill it up with fuel! Crazy. Love the shot, though.

Taken For Granted said...

That is an unbelievably huge yacht. Most of the huge yachts in the EU are registered in the Canary Islands. There must be a major tax advantage for doing that. I wonder how many affordable homes could be built for the money this yacht costs to build and maintain?

William Kendall said...

Never underestimate the lengths someone will go to cheat the system. It is huge!

bill burke said...

That is incredible, it's like a whole city block floating on water. Obviously money isn't a concern for the owner. Must have been a lot of onlookers checking the yacht out.

Michelle said...

A regular floating city.

Jack said...

It has great lines.