Wednesday, 28 January 2015


It is a long time since I have seen so many people at the old market place in Stavanger.
We had a legal strike today all over Norway.
More than 1,5 million people, members of different unions were out in a political strike between 14:00 and 16:00 this afternoon. It is difficult to say how many took part here, but as you can see, it was quite crowded.

The rain was pouring down and it was cold, but I think the politicians representing the Stavanger region received a clear message, and I hope that they will take what they saw and the appeals that were made,- back with them back to Oslo.

The working conditions / rights, are rapidly changing. Fewer permanent jobs, and then of course more people who are not able to get a bank loan without a permanent job.

Today,  planes, busses and trains stopped for an hour or two.
Nurses, teachers, scientists as well as engineers were out demonstrating.

What I remember the most was :

"You should not endure the injustice that does not concern yourself".

It is an old saying, but still so true!


William Kendall said...

I rather like that old saying, though I can't recall ever hearing it before.

Michelle said...

How wonderful that all came out in force like that.

Lois said...

The old saying is very true! That is quite a turnout, especially in such bad weather.

Luis Gomez said...

Great shot! Glad that all these people were there.

VP said...

We are quite used to this, not sure it works, at least for us!