Sunday, 16 June 2013

You are welcome to follow a trip that I made today.
A trip that started with taking the ferry over the fjord to Tau.

Always nice to see houses etc. from the boat.

And I met a nice couple from China, New York or should I say London, where they are living now.
He is a professional pianist. Check out
Perhaps he will be back and playing at the new concert hall here?
Nice couple, and I was so pleased to hear beautiful things about "my" country from someone who has seen, and been to, so many places. Perhaps I take things for granted here..... Perhaps I should listen more to what tourists say.


hamilton said...

It is always interesting to hear the points of view of visitors - especially if they see something outside of the usual tourist brochure destination. Those white houses certainly stand out!

Pierre BOYER said...

J'adore la deuxième photo...


Lowell said...

Your country is extraordinarily beautiful! I'd love to sail along on such a cruise. And your portrait of this fine-looking couple is terrific!

Irina Rekhviashvili said...

Beautiful Norway.
We are planning trip (my second one!) to your breathtaking, unforgettable country in the end of July.
Happy photohunting!

Ernest So said...

Thank you! It was nice meeting you on the ferry - and I do hope to perform in Stavanger some day soon!