Wednesday, 5 June 2013

This evening I saw some people working on cleaning a building, that will then be painted by some enthusiastic young people who belong to a church called IMI.

If you read Norwegian, you can read about it at

Directly translated Godhet means Goodness, and it is work done with Love.

Once a year, for 5 days, they help people with painting, gardening, car washes as well as all sorts of different jobs that some people who need assistance, ask for help to do.

They told me that this is happening in 6 different towns around in Norway.

People volunteer to help from 17:00-21:00, and they do this for free.

I have read about it in the newspapers, but I have never seen it happening.

This is a week of GODHET, (also printed on their T-shirts.)

I think that both those who did the work, and the people who asked for help, were all very happy.

Seriously a brilliant idea, and I have to say on a rainy evening, I was impressed about the work and the effort that they showed.


Jack said...

This is a wonderful program. My compliments to the kids who participate.

Linda said...

Very commendable, and a worthwhile lesson for young people on contributing to the community.

martinealison said...

Une initiative singulière et prodigieuse qui devrait être à l'ordre du jour dans chaque pays.
Gros bisosu

Kris said...

yes, what a brilliant idea, and bravo to them for taking part :)