Thursday, 17 August 2017

Touring Europe.

As most of you know, we have some very narrow roads here in Norway.
This is the biggest RV I have seen this summer. The Canadian couple who owned it had the car towed behind it. Inside they had a boat.... And they were heading to the Stavanger region, so drive carefully if you meet them. It is huge!

PS. I did not tell them about all the roadworks, nor about the fact that Stavanger is the Norwegian city with most roundabouts.

I hope they have a great time and that they will see lots of sunny days too.


Suza said...

such a great caravan

Stefan Jansson said...

I usually travel with a backpack.

William Kendall said...

Either that's a long way to ship the vehicles, or they're living in Europe!

Bill said...

We see a zillion of rigs like this--- towing cars as well--- on I-5. They'll be out and about through October. You could stay in a lot of fine hotels for what they cost... Just sayin'