Friday, 3 February 2017

Mahad Abib Mahamud

Mahad Abib Mahamud is a 30 year old bioengineer, who came to Norway when he was 17 years old.
Now the authorities are saying that he is one of several people who are not entitled to a Norwegian passport, since it is not true that he is from Somalia.
Some do not know what to believe, some are saying that he should be in entitled to stay in the country, since he came to Norway he has been contributing to society.

Mahad's solicitor is saying: It is illegal to make someone stateless! And I guess the government has some work to do because there are several cases like this, and it should at least be possible to try this case in court.

On my way home this afternoon, I saw a group of about 50 people walking towards the old market place, where they held a protest about MAHAD's situation.

Agree or not, it is good to see that there are people who go out and express their feelings and opinions about different political cases.

The banner is saying:

It is enough now!
Let Mahad stay!


Lowell said...

I have no knowledge of this man. My first thought, though, was it's a good thing he wasn't in the U.S. as he'd probably be sent to one of Trump's "black sites" and tortured until he admitted whatever the Trumpers wanted to hear.

Yes, that's a political statement on a photoblog and I am unrepentant. The USA is in deep trouble very similar to the troubles Germany faced in the 30s.

William Kendall said...

It should be carefully dealt with in court. If it's nothing more than an error somewhere along the line, that shouldn't be grounds to deport him.