Friday, 10 February 2017


I sometimes see people and think, wow, they really suit each other.
And several times this week I have met KARI and JON out walking their dog.

Of course I noticed Kari's bright pink PUSSYHAT, so she got some sort of "an extra star" from me.
She has just finished knitting number five!
The tells more about the project.
I am lucky to have some American friends who took part, and even went on the marches too.

Here in Norway, Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim held marches, as many other cities did around the world. If there had been one here in Stavanger I would have been there!

Kari and Jon are a sporty couple. If you see a pink Pussyhat out in the fjords, it might be Kari out swimming. If you see Jon on land taking photos, - it is definitely them.
Since May last year she has had her own project, taking an outdoor swim once a week, and believe me it is pretty COLD now.
Well done, Kari!

It is HAPPY FRIDAY, so enjoy the weekend everyone!


William Kendall said...

A wonderful portrait shot!

Revrunner said...

Please tell Kari and Jon for me and tell them how much we appreciate their support. :-)

Lowell said...

Kudos to Kari and Jon and Kudos to you. We must resist this massive assault on decency and democracy!

Bill said...

Yes, thanks! They look like such nice people.

orvokki said...

They looks so happy couple.

Babzy B said...

wow great project and nice couple ! :)

Robin Stellwagen Seljevold said...

My husband and I are friends with these 3 characters (yes, Akela is a chrarcter, too!), love them dearly and agree they are perfectly suited couple <3

Jack said...

Hi, Kari. Hi, Jon.